Enter the Self-Isolation Filmmaking contest – featuring your pets, by April 18th

moon computer 2

Moon the Maine Coon Cat will oversee the contest judging which is by “People’s Choice!”

Still bored? The first fast F.I.L.M. (Filmmakers, Interactive, Lockdown Meetup) making contest entries are due Saturday April 18th. Enter early and often – winner announced Tuesday April 21st!

Post your movie to youtube and share it here by the deadline.

Do you have a dog, cat, bird, fish, or some other pet you’ve been cooped up with during self-isolation?

Let’s make some movies! We’re sponsoring a FREE fast filmmaking contest featuring movies no longer than two-minutes (02:00:00) featuring your pet shot inside your house, or in your yard.

Shoot in 4K, HD, Tik Tok, continuous shot in your phone, edit on iMovie or GoPro.

fanny award tp

Coveted Fanny Award

But it doesn’t matter since your movies will be uploaded to Youtube so they can be shared!

The top movie will be selected by the People’s Choice determined by the number of comments and likes.

The tedious voting process will be overseen by Moon the Main Coon Cat. The winner will be awarded the coveted Fanny Award.

Contact Alan O’Hashi for more info at bvet22@yahoo.com

All aboard – the WSFF opens May 19!

Here’s a link for the Whistle Stop FILM Festival – WSFF program schedule in Nashville, TN. It includes screening copies of movies that were provided by the April 21st deadline. If you missed the cut off, you’re still a festival selection. We are a mobile festival.

There is a program change, Childhood Dreams is playing as a part of program 6. It’s too late to update it. The festival regrets the error.

Childhood Dream (TRT 04:55) Mladen Vukasinovic, Montenegro

The festival is not typical. Screenings are salon format for the 500 NationalCohousing Conference attendees in Nashville’s Millennium Harvest House.

WSFF chugs into Nashville with 68 movies from around the world May 18 – 20

WSFF Logo TrainThe Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival screens 68 films when it chugs into Nashville, TN May 18 – 20 at the Maxwell Harvest House. This is the list, of selected movies. The program may be different if screening copies are not received by close of business April 21.

Check back about the screening schedule.

The program isn’t in a traditional film festival format. The program is a part of the National Cohousing Conference in a salon-style screening room. Movie programs approximately 90 minutes in length will screen and repeat over the course of the conference.

It is not filmmaker – focused, but content focused with the hope that the stories told will stimulate discussion.

Aging Gratefully: The Power of Good Health and Good Neighbors (TRT 0:45:00)
Alan O’Hashi, USA
Does living in a cohousing community where neighbor relationships are a key component add any benefit to physical exercise, which improves brain health and relationship building skills? He interviewed six residents of newly formed Germantown Commons to find out their motivations to living in cohousing and whether living intentionally with neighbors was a positive experience and what physical activities happen in a group setting.

Celebrate Canada Exploring Our National Parks (TRT 0:30min)
Sarah Parker King, Canada
Come and celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. Take a peek at two of Canada’s unique and majestic national parks; Jasper and Elk Island, located in the province of Alberta. Learn about their history, wildlife and ecological preservation as well as exploring beautiful dark sky preserves, camping and O’Tentiks that visitors can experience in Canada’s national parks.

(Cereal)ousy (TRT 0:02:11)
Michael Acosta, USA
As two roommates search for food in a barren house, an epic battle for the last bowl of cereal ensues.

4242 (TRT 0:11:11)
Sara Eustaquio, Portugul
Cristi has just moved to an unknown country, far away from family and friends.   At first, she is happy for the challenge. But soon she begins to question her place in this new world that seems to be a lost town, made of absences, distances, silence and indifference.   ‘4242’ is the story of a young female immigrant, a story of a teenager’s anguish who is trying to redefine her identity after being forced to leave home.

A Blind Dog (TRT 0:05:30)
Axl Hazarika, India
Every dog owner is familiar to that irresistible and imploring gaze of their dog that yearns for reciprocation. The bond between humans and dogs is very quickly established due to natural body chemistry wherein both the species release the same hormone called oxytocin upon that look of mutual recognition. This unique bond of attraction and love makes the dog man’s best friend. But what if the dog is blind? How does a blind dog still connect with humans as much like a normal dog? Dil Hairaan Hai is a real life based special story of the relationship between a musician and his blind dog.

A Promise of Time Travel (TRT 1:28:00)
Craig Jessen, USA
A chance encounter with an estranged childhood friend draws a bookstore clerk into a plot to steal a time machine. But as she confronts the ghosts of her past, she makes a discovery that has dire implications for her future.

Abraxas (TRT 0:16:49)
Hubert Grzywna, France

Admitted (TRT 0:10:15)
Tony Taliaferro, Uganda
A story about a young girl’s transition in the college life.

All About Emily (TRT 0:07:00)
Valentina Casadei, Italy
A modest housekeeper keeps being bullied by a hysterical bourgeois for no apparent reason. Forced to endure these   abuses in order to avoid being sent back to Cuba, she makes a discovery that will change everything.

Banalities (TRT 0:10:00)
Rafael de Andrade and Guillaume Foresti, Brazil
Betrayed and arrears, Jorge deducts all your anger at the bricklayer working at his home. However, at times, banal decisions have unexpected consequences.

Behind the Scenes Look: Live Television Production – Technical Directing (TRT 0:01:30)
Paul Overacker, USA
1 minute in the life of what a Television Technical Director does. Behind the Scenes Look: Live Television Production – Technical Directing is a real-time expose into the fast-paced world of live television sports news. It follows live Technical Director, Paul Overacker, as he shoots the documentary in real-time while switching a live broadcast of sports news.

Birds (TRT 0:12:40)
Giorgi Tkemaladze, Georgia
Grandmother always replies to Luka s curious questions, one answer forces the child to catch birds, which will help him to see his mother. All days the boy spends on the roof with a trap, trying to catch a huge number of birds. Grandmother react calmly to his desire, she only remarks that birds have mothers and they miss them too. Later, a group of older boys takes away his trap and only after that realizes the little boy these words.

Birds With Human Heads (TRT 0:09:50)
Max Wilde, USA
Basking in the wildlife of a handmade universe, a girl receives her first stick and poke tattoo from her best friend before being stolen away by a bird dragon.

Certemente (TRT 0:06:45)
Selina Dimitrova, Bulgaria
A young girl with strange abilities falls into a parallel world, the key to which is in her own self. Certamente is a film about the hidden and unexplored powers that each one carries within oneself. A film about intuition, the ability of the mind to materialize one’s desires and the freedom of the human spirit.

Childhood Dream (TRT 0:04:55)
Mladen Vuk, Montenegro
This animated movie shows the children’s dream.

Copper Wire (TRT 0:10:00)
Hasan Najmabadi, Iran
A child who collects copper wire and sell it to rent a movie.

Deliverance (TRT 0:15:41)
Mariama Slattby, Poland
Short, documentary film about Polish artist from Łódź Piotr Pasiewicz.

Dirty Roses (TRT 0:05:00)
Petra Terzi, USA
“Dirty Roses” is a humanitarian docudrama and deals with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and individuals or families who came from the Arab world in Greece as war or economic or political refugees. Two extreme marginalized groups with the most helpless victims, the one of the countries of the third world with racial and ethnic minorities, and the second one is often socially degraded.

Don’t Think About It (TRT 0:12:12)
Niv Klainer, USA
Ron and Casey are expecting a child, but things get out of hand when they both try to protect each other from an inevitable break-up.

Expectation (TRT 0:04:57)
Amandyk Baitlnov, Kazakhstan
This short movie tells the story of two newlyweds who are trying to create children, but all attempts are vain. All they can do is to wait and ask for God’s help, and wait for a miracle that when the baby is born t .With subjects this movie wants to show the audience that they pass through.

Fermentation (TRT 0:03:29)
Hannah Rosa, Germany
The film is about a transsexual prostitute, who is rejected by the society. While her self-perception and the impression she makes on others drift apart, she tries to improve her looks in order to be perceived as attractive. We follow her through the night until her father picks her up.

Flickering Dimensions (TRT 0:02:42)
Ben Friedman, USA
A seedy underworld gets caught up in a student’s life. Flickering Dimensions is a mysterious short film that deals with issues such as PTSD and corruption.

Fomo Sapiens (TRT 0:07:15)
Viktor Hertz, Sweden
A young couple, suffering from the worst imaginable form of “fear of missing out”, decides to take on a tough challenge.

Fort Nite (TRT 0:13:52)
Holly Seidcheck, USA
There is a raw-ness in everything. In this noir exposition, phrases of terror and destruction overlap with an underlying surge of sensuality.

Global Chilling Project, 2016 (TRT 0:05:00)
Tushar Routh, USA
To reverse global warming, it will require a major behavioral shift. Are humans ready for humanity?

Gone (TRT 0:20:00)
Philippe Wendling, France
Thomas, architect, discovers that he made a huge mistake on a building site. As he tries to make compromising documents disappear, the world around him begins to vanish mysteriously. Nobody seems to escape this uncanny trap, not even Thomas.

He’s Rooftop Afternoon (TRT 0:21:21)
He Xu, Canada
A young man (He) goes to rooftop every day afternoon, to peep a girl who usually dances there. What He does not know is that the girl actually saw him before on rooftop while he was falling asleep. This afternoon, while He is learning to smoke on rooftop, the girl suddenly appears.

Heart Sisters (TRT 0:19:45)
Anton and Kajsa Textur, Sweden
The aim was to produce a movie that would map the patriarchal oppression, but also to give the international feminist movement an opportunity to learn about different thoughts and experiences. We wanted to create a collective narrative about how it can be to live as woman in a male dominated world.

Hoda’s Story (TRT 0:57:39)
Johan Eriksson, Palestine
Twelve years in the life of a girl in Gaza blinded by a bullet. On 1 March 2003, 12-year old Hoda Darwish is hit in the head by a bullet while sitting at her desk in an elementary school in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. Hoda miraculously survives, but she wakes up from her coma asking when the daylight comes. The bullet blinded her. She struggles to come to terms with her altered life, doubting her will to live, amidst the endless violence in the Gaza Strip. Her family repeatedly brings her to Egypt in the hope that a medical operation would give back her eyesight.

I Don’t Like Her (TRT 0:20:20)
Javad Daraei, Iran
Eli has been involved in a personality dualism and regardless of her constant disagreements with her father she still seeks her true nature.

Inner Fear (TRT 01:29:40)
Spencer Brod, USA
Three young hikers searching for Indian petroglyphs, find trouble in the rugged canyons.

Journey (TRT 0:07:40)
Radheya Jegatheva, Australia
Alone in space, an astronaut drifts through the empty void. After finding another astronaut in the same predicament, she gives him a Polaroid image of the Earth. They then team up to go on an epic journey across the universe to return to their planet. Will these star-crossed lovers find home?

LUTAH A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design (TRT 01:05:35)
Melinda Gandara, USA
LUTAH explores the life of a remarkably versatile architect who left an impressive legacy. Initially eclipsed by her male contemporaries in the early 20th century, Lutah Maria Riggs navigated her way through the male-centric world of architecture and brought a freshness to the established architectural styles of Southern California. Riggs blazed a trail for women, relying on the courage of her convictions and a hint of eccentricity.

Mutual Coffin (TRT 0:10:55)
Hassan Mokhtari, Iran
This short film is a drama about Iranian people and their problems and pains.

My Heart Is an Octopus or My Father on the Shore of Black Sea (TRT 0:01:40)
Neno Belchev, Bulgaria
A video-art film by Neno Belchev Based on the novel of Bezmer Bagryanov “My last abstract painting”   “Everything is meaningless, even in cases when the meaning is obvious! In other words: There is sense even in the most meaningless acts!” My father (an artist)

Reach (TRT 0:08:03)
Stephen Broekhuizen, Ireland
A man makes a visit to a home, but not all is what it seems.

Rebouts Show (TRT 0:02:10)
Saeed Amin Javaheri, Iran
About “out of earth”

Rumor (TRT 0:05:12)
Leila Nouoroozy, Iran
A beast made of a rumor and Swallow the people and bigger and bigger until cover the earth.

Screeching River (TRT 0:02:22)
Kirk Hunter, USA
This experimental horror derge is about a fire along the river near a mental hospital on a Vacuum islands in the near Mindanao Java, where they live away from the rest of us. No one is a Vacuum Island.

Seattle Death Trains (TRT 0:30:00)
Gene Bernofsky, USA
Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad run lethal oil and coal trains through the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington. Seattle citizens speak out against the dangerous rail traffic.

SEDE – Thirst (TRT 0:14:00)
Cleiner Micceno, Brazil
The story of a fugitive slave and a landowner plagued by his actions.

September Sketch Book (TRT 0:07:44)
Ronnie Cramer, USA
SEPTEMBER SKETCH BOOK is an experimental film created using old school animation; over 5,400 drawings made with pen and paper. The film is abstract in nature, with sequences based on flags from around the world.

Six Degrees of Separation (TRT 0:27:12)
Sam Vinal, USA
What would your life look like in 2016 if you were born in Mexico?   This film invites you to wake up and fall asleep with a humble farmer’s family in the Chiapas jungle, a millionaire hotel entrepreneur in Tulum, an ice cream cart owner in Mexico City and four other unique Mexican families.

Stabilia (TRT 0:04:24)
Sveinung Gjessing, Norway
A massive circular chamber, constructed of steel and heavy concrete. Play of light is created on the wall by an opening in the roof. A woman is laying motionless with her eyes closed on the rough surface, demarcated from the outside world in the rusty room with no exits. She seems small and fragile, but then she opens her eyes.

Strawberry Cheesecake (TRT 0:03:12)
Patrick Pleau, Canada
Stop motion animated music video about a world of sugary stuff and alive cakes. Pop music by Montreal band Plajia.

The Blind of the Cathedral (TRT 0:17:18)
Nadine Asmar, Lebanon
In front of a cathedral, fate led to Hala and Bachir’s meeting. At first sight, they share nothing in common: she is a 15-year-old student, she is Muslim and she sees. Whereas Bachir is 27, he plays the lute, he is Christian and blind. In a country ruled by hatred and conflicts, division and exacerbated sectarianism, and just before the burst of the civil war, two pure souls meet.

The Can (TRT 0:02:30)
Alexey Protsenko, Russian Federation
Young guy walking down the street and drinking soda. Then he throws the empty can in the box and misses. After that, the bank begins to pursue him.

The Condor in Love (TRT 0:06:21)
Daniel Calderon, Ecuador

The Double Cross (TRT 0:17:18)
Mark Brocking, United Kingdom

The Double Cross is a silent black and white comedy short set in the 1920s, where our hero is a young waiter for hire who gets caught up in a murder plot during a party and eventually rescues the damsel in distress.

The Fate (TRT 0:08:30)
Jose Garcia Perez, Spain
This is a story about a “corralled woman.”

The Firmest Friend (TRT 0:19:46)
Andrew Fixell, USA
In August 2014, filmmaker Andrew Fixell ventured into New York City’s Tompkins Square Park to interview four homeless youth about their transient lifestyles and their relationships with the pit bulls who travel with them.   Andrew learned that these individuals and their four­-legged friends shared a bond that ran deeper than just master and dog.

Ivan Magdesyan, Russian Federation
The time jump from 1956 to the present. Everything has changed in that time in Russia, and even the former country ceased to exist. Dostoevsky, a writer and namesake-steamer, was thrown from modernity. The demolition of the “Dostoevsky” – is the destruction of the cultural heritage of a great country, without which Russia here or there, by that way or another, has been destroyed and is destroyed.

The Little Chapel (TRT 0:03:23)
Richard Schertzer, United States
A young girl attempts to bring back the dead in a little chapel.

The Table, (TRT 0:04:31)
Nuno Braumann, Portugul
During one of the breaks of Noroeste (directed by Ricardo Fangueiro), the actor Isaac Penha gave us a wonderful performance!

The Universal (TRT 0:45:00)
Michael Barry, USA
What would happen if humans could understand conflict without creating enemies or fundamentally different “others,” wrongheaded and therefore expendable? What if we could see that soldiers fight for many reasons, ideals, and pressures, but share a universal experience? Would this knowledge change the way we look at current wars in the Middle East? In this film, a young filmmaker, distant from the standard narrative of the U.S. war with Vietnam, uses archival footage and interviews to retell the story.

Tooths (TRT 0:2:26)
Tyler Meyer, USA
A man’s internal struggles play out during a gruesome encounter with an electric toothbrush.

Tricky – Right Here (TRT 0:02:59)
Madison Roma, United Kingdom

Twiddly Things (TRT 0:04:13)
Adara Todd, United Kingdom
In this short animated film, we are given an in depth view of how Alzheimer’s affects Polly as she shares how dementia has affected her life. Prepare to be taken on an emotional journey as Polly takes us back to memories she remembers and explains how she feels when she starts to forget. The films visuals are a mix of stop motion and 2D.

Unforgettable (TRT 0:12:50)
John Aguirre, USA
An elderly couple’s lifetime of love and memories is tested on Valentine’s Day, when her Alzheimer stricken husband goes missing.

Way Out of Here (TRT 0:01:00)
Kara Tsenov, Canada

wetheuncivilized, A Life Story (TRT 01:40:45)
Lily Rose Sequoia, United Kingdom
Disillusioned by a story of consumption and alienation, a newly married couple are called to action. Carrying with them their unborn child, they embark on a year-long journey around the UK in search of the seeds of a different story, and with it hope for the future.

What the Hell! (TRT 0:04:00)
Sophie Galibert, France
A man and a woman, in the middle of the desert, disagree about what cinema is. Then they start to imagine and to tell a story…

Who Plays Othello? (TRT 0:04:32)
David Fratini, Italy
A crew of italian black boys is studying Shakespeare’s Othello to put it on stage, but when it comes the time to assign the main part…

WSFF chugs into Berkeley November 12th

“Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community” pulls into Berkeley on November 12th as a program of the Conscious Elders Network. Here are the details so far:

Conscious Elders Network
November 12, 2016
Doors 4:30pm – Movie 5:00pm – Q&A 6:00pm
East Bay Media Center
1919 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Many thanks to intentional communities maven Raines Cohen for helping set up the screening.

The WSFF chugs into Nashville: seeks films about community and sustainability

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival (WSFF) is again partnering with the Cohousing Association of the US to screen films at its national conference in Nashville, TN.

We’re accepting themed movies set around or stories about community and neighborhood empowerment; collaborative – cooperative – cohousing topics; environmental sustainability.

CoHoUSA screened two nights at it’s Aging Better: The Power of Community conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We’re using filmfreeway to accept entries this year beginning June 13, 2016. As always, fees are nominal and please don’t ask for waivers.


WSFF chugs into the Aging Better Together Conference May 19 and 20

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival (Filmmaker Interactive Local Meetup) screens four films at the Aging Better Together: The Power of Community conference in Salt Lake City. The national conference addresses how Baby Boomers can take charge of the next chapters of their lives by reinventing how they grow older in a community such as cohousing.

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival put together a film program around the topic of aging. The screening is sponsored in part by, Wonderland Hills Development, The Little Yoga Studio; Boulder Community Media.

Here’s the screening schedule:

Thursday May 19th; 7pm
Opening Reception and Film – There is a fully functioning movie theater at the University Guest House and conference center and not to be missed!

It is the Post Theatre built at Fort Douglas in 1932. It has been restored to its original look and feel with seating for 250 and upgraded with state of the art audio and video projection system. 
lindy brownie cr“Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community”
(TRT: 51 minutes) Directed by Alan O’Hashi; Produced by Boulder Community Media (BCM)

Members of the Silver Sage Village Community will be on hand for a Q and A after the film.

Synopsis: What if 25 seniors from around the country decided to age together in a cohousing community. Filmmaker and Silver Sage Village resident Alan O’Hashi was on his death bed in December 2013. Following a 6 week hospital and rehab stay and a month of home confinement,  he joined a yoga community to regain his strength, but learned more about himself than just getting healthier. Through his reflections, he recounts his continuing recovery and weaves those experiences with the perspectives of neighbors with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and those who find themselves in supportive neighborly care giving roles. The film features the perspectives of cohousing pioneers Jim Leach and Chuck Durrett as well as gerontologist Anne Glass.

Friday May 20th; 7pm
bulletproof karma cover“Bullet Proof Karma”
(TRT: 9 minutes) Directed by Halonah Abraham Paiss; Produced by Paiss Productions

Synopsis: Halonah is 17 years old and a senior in Boulder, CO where she lives in the Nomad Cohousing neighborhood.  In making “Bulletproof Karma,” a spark took flame inside her.  For people who don’t like to learn through a textbook (including herself), she sees how important digital media are to educate people about important ideas in an entertaining way. This is a true story about Barry Shoda, a man diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and a deadly brain tumor. His doctor told him he had only a short time to live. Barry did several things to save his life, including taking a CBD oil made from hemp.  This documentary provides hope that people with cancer can have an effective alternative to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

(TRT: 5 minutes) Directed by Don Sniffin; Produced by KBZ Films
Synopsis: Don is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker with an innate ability to tell a compelling and unique story. He studied at the Colorado Film School, is a graduate of the Lighthouse Writer’s Master Screenplay program, and Don has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wyoming. In “Taken”, no good deed goes unpunished. An ordinary Joe in an extraordinary circumstance must find his inner courage and come to the rescue of someone who has been “Taken”.

(TRT: 53 minutes) Directed by Robin Truesdale; Produced by Two Hands Films
Depending on the available technology, there may be a Q and A following the film with Robin Truesdale and Len Barron.
Poster_11x17Synopsis: Len Barron selects an unconventional cast ­‐ eight grandmothers ­‐ for his stage production about Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. On stage, the women charm audiences with their wit and exuberance as they reveal untold chapters in the scientists’ biographies. But meanwhile, behind the curtain,their intersecting life experiences create a new narrative of struggle and triumph as a Latina abuela surmounts her struggles with spoken English, an African American grandma reflects on her lifelong fight for civil rights, and an Anglo grandmother recalls being a teenager during WWII. In this documentary film, director Robin Truesdale takes us behind the scenes with the women (who are not professional actors) as they rehearse, laugh, and beautifully emulate the messages they present on stage. The film leads us through a storybook of past and present, illuminating the magic of fairly tales and belief in the impossible. Einstein, Bohr and grandmothers combine for a film whose powerful message extends beyond age, gender, and even science – its an affirmation of the value of playfulness and imagination within us all.


Boulder Arts Week schmoozer April 1st -Movies and Music


Paige Berry as Georgia O’Keeffe tramps around Ward, CO in 1917. “Cordially, Georgia O’Keeffe” screens April 1st.

Boulder Arts Week is a happening time in the creative community and we’re jumping in with our monthly schmoozer and featuring the work of women. The event is free of charge, but buy some music!

We don’t have a lot of wall space for flat art. Instead, we’ll be entertaining with some music and short movies.

615 to 715pm-ish: Multi-media music and video by Laurie Dameron. Learn about Laurie and her music http://www.lauriedameron.com/

The Whistle Stop FILM Festival – WSFF presents “Cordially, Georgia O’Keeffe” about the artist’s visit to Ward, Colorado will screen between music sets.

745 to 845pm-ish: Music by Cindy Brandle. Check out her music and background https://www.reverbnation.com/cindybrandle

We’ll have some snacks and drinks. Invite 100 of your closest friends!

WSFF screening of ‘Aging Gratefully’ set for May 19th in SLC

lindy brownie cr

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival chugs into Salt Lake City with a screening of “Aging Gratefully” Join the facebook page by clicking on the image.

“Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community” screens in Salt Lake City, Utah as the opening event for the Aging Better Together conference on May 19th.

What happens when 25 senior citizens – the subjects of “Aging Gratefully: The Power of Community” (TRT 51min) – decide to form a cohousing community?

Watch the 16min preview version is to give an idea as to the story.

Silver Sage Village in North Boulder, Colorado provides insights from six neighbors about their experiences and perspectives about growing old together. Everyone is over 50 years of age.

Book a screening by calling 303-910-5782 or send an email to Boulder Community Media

Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival movies 2013

The following films are official selections for the Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival which pulls out over the next year into other Wyoming communities. WSFF venues include Laramie, Saratoga, Rawlins, Wind River Indian Reservation, Cheyenne. We’re seeking additional WSFF producers in other communities.

Some of the movies will be screened at the Cheyenne International Film Festival May 16 – 19 in Downtown Cheyenne.

Game Night TRT 12minutes – USA NY – David Ketterer A family gets a mysterious board game in the mail that forces them to confront a secret they’ve kept quiet for years.

Clouds TRT 12minutes – UK – Gilbert James – Living the life of a writer, Irving Walker’s days are filled with distraction, creative torment, lunch, the occasional smoothie and sometimes writing. But only one story holds the key to him fulfilling his dreams of true creativity.

Breathe Life TRT 18minutes – USA CA – Matthew Jekowsky- Although the Montelone’s must fight Cystic Fibrosis on a day-by-day basis, their passion for love, life and surfing allows them to get through these uncertain times. Known as the ‘Brady Bunch’ of the Cystic Fibrosis world, the ‘Monte Five’ cherish each moment and truly live life to the fullest. Breathe Life explores the difficulties the family must live with, as well as the love and unbreakable bonds they share.

The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads TRT 57 minutes – USA WY – Jennifer Tennican – Situated beneath the alpine splendor of the Teton Mountains, the Coach has long been welcoming an eclectic and evolving cocktail of characters – from cowboys to millionaires, tourists to extreme athletes, drifters to musicians, disco dancers to two-steppers – both young and old. This film paints an intimate portrait of a roadhouse and crossroads that has been creating its own brand of community for more than 70 years in ways that both define and defy our visions of the Wild West.

Yellow Fever TRT 57 minutes – USA NM – Sophie Rousmaniere – Yellow Fever follows young Navajo veteran, Tina Garnanez on her journey to investigate the history of the Navajo Uranium Boom, its lasting impacts in her area and the potential new mining in her region. She begins as a curious family member and becomes an advocate, lobbyist, activist and vocal proponent for transparency and environmental justice. Tina travels throughout the West to learn about uranium mining and nuclear development. She examines the pros, the cons and the hot debate over Nuclear power, which forces her to consider her own opinions on the subject of energy.

Suicidio Lamprea, la balada de Simon TRT 18minutes – Spain – Bilbao Guillermo Arias-Carbajal – Simon, at last, worked around all the difficulties he came up against his way towards suicide. But, he could never have imagined that Death would make it so difficult for him….

THE DESTRUCTION ARTIST TRT 12minutes – USA NC – Michael Sharpe – A short film based on the monolog THE DESTRUCTION ARTIST by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham. ‘I want to thank you for that remarkable performance. I confess that it was strange, and wonderful, to see the piece done by a gifted actor… It’s remarkable to see it enjoy this ongoing life – a monolog that only existed, was only intended to exist, for a single night. Life continues to surprise us.’ – Michael Cunningham

Manfred and the Waiting Room TRT 9minutes – Canada ON – Joel Breitman – In a doctor’s waiting room a frantic Manfred is thrown into a truly bizarre power struggle with a mysterious sociopath.

Tales from the Organ Trade 72minutes – Canada ON – Ric Esther Bienstock – TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE is a gritty and unflinching descent into the shadowy world of black-market organ trafficking: the street-level brokers, the rogue surgeons, the impoverished men and women who are willing to sacrifice a slice of their own bodies for a quick payday, and the desperate patients who face the agonizing choice of obeying the law or saving their lives. From Manila to Istanbul, from Colorado to Kosovo, from Toronto to Tel Aviv, the film brings to the screen a compelling cast whom fate has brought together where the gift of life meets the shadow of death.

Only Daughter TRT 99minutes – USA NH – Aaron Wiederspahn – 18-year-old Dawn Cowley sets out to find the father she has never known, ultimately discovering a devastating secret known by all except herself.

The NOMADS of OZ TRT 96minutes – Canada QC – Jason Rodi – An experimental Montreal remake of The Wizard of Oz where the Wizard is a father inventing memories of his daughter trapped in her favorite film. A love letter to cinema, child-like imagination, and the places we call home.

Pour la reproduction de l’espece TRT 37minutes – Canada QC – Dominique Rochon – Three couples get together for a weekend in a cabin. Some incidents will force them to question themselves.

Rose, Mary and Time TRT 38minutes – UK – Hardeep Giani – Real is Love – Is life governed by Kismet, or can we change our life path.

Desert Odyssey: A Search for the Final Resting Place of Edward Abbey TRT 15minutes – USA WY – David Keto – Edward Abbey is perhaps one of the most well known western nature writers of the 20th century. This film is a personal journey to explore his legacy and the filmmaker’s connection to his writing, while searching for his unknown grave site in the desert of Arizona.

Ella y el espejo TRT 30 – Spain Bilbao – Hector Dominguez-Viguera – SHE and HE have never spoken to each other because they don’t know language. It seems they are going to spend the rest of their lives together without any setback. But one day, SHE finds an strange object that will change her life forever.

I Love You Alice TRT 4minutes – USA CO – A young woman recounts her relationship with a man during a relaxing bike ride.

Chasing Moonflowers TRT 20 – USA UT – Cortland Wilson Some seek light and others chase moonflowers.’ ‘If you don’t believe it. It doesn’t exist.’

A Fable About Beauty 0:10:46 Canada MB John Barnard A poetic tale about two losers who learn that hot people can’t be trusted.

The Rocky Mountain Experience – Bull Riding TRT 29minutes – USA CO – At the encouragement of their mother, Rick and Brian explore their Wyoming cowboy roots by learning the dangerous sport of bull riding from some of the most seasoned riders in Colorado. With a little training and a lot of guts, the Higgins brothers ride in their first rodeo in their hometown of Aurora, Colorado.

Good Dog TRT 14minutes – USA CO – Don Sniffin – Dog lives with the Person family. Dog has a vision of the future. Dog must change the future. Good Dog!

Vanya TRT 29minutes – USA NM – Scott Milder – On the eve of the detonation of ‘VANYA’ — the largest thermonuclear device ever created — a Soviet soldier isolated in a remote communications bunker finds himself confronted with a strange supernatural threat.

The Branch TRT 7minutes – Australia NSW – Julietta Boscolo – 16 year old Anica and her 13 year old brother Jose live in the country with their father. Anica’s naturally adept at repairing things but Jose finds it difficult, although his father expects him to excel because he is male, while Anica is restricted to household tasks. When Jose takes credit for something that Anica fixed, tension rises between the two and Jose decides to follow in his father’s footsteps by twisting a childhood game.But when Anica decides to play on his terms, they both learn a very adult lesson.

Pepper TRT 10minutes – USA GA – Stephanie Shadden – Two crooks find themselves in line to grab a big payoff and work up a plan in a seemingly secluded bar corner to pull off an easy crime with high stakes. Things get complicated when an extra player enters the picture and adds a pinch of flavor to the heist.

In Her Boots TRT 14minutes – USA CA – Stephen Erdmann Explores the struggles of a military wife working to provide strength for her own growing family while helping other military families through their trying times in her work as a Family Readiness Group leader,

Memories, Dreams, and Shadows TRT 31minutes – USA GA – Jym Davis Dreams, Memories, and Shadows presents six stories of transcendence, despair, and visions of life after death. Through re-creations and interviews with survivors, we are offered a glimpse into life on the edge of existence. One man recounts his out of body experience during a violent car crash. Another man seeks God through the handling of deadly serpents. A young woman tells of her encounter with a dangerous stalker while sleepwalking. Another woman remembers a vision of hell during a fatal overdose. Two men tell of life in the water, one seeks peace through isolation, and another remembers an ocean drowning during a stormy ocean dive.

Twenty Million People TRT 75minutes – USA NJ – Michael Ferrell When Brian’s new girlfriend, a stand-up comedian, suddenly disappears, he enlists the help of his broken-hearted best friend and imaginary characters from a cliche romantic comedy to find her.’Twenty Million People’ is the first feature from writer/director Michael Ferrell, shot in 12 days for 12,000 dollars, raised entirely online through crowd funding on indiegogo.com. It is an indie romantic comedy shot and set in Jersey City, NJ and Brooklyn, NY.

Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry 101minutes – USA FL – David Mech – Risky Business: A Look Inside America’s Adult Film Industry examines the social, psychological, and economic impacts of performing in adult films. The documentary also examines proposed regulations that would address current industry issues, including workplace health and safety, such as mandatory STD testing and condom use, and job discrimination once performers decide to leave the industry and pursue conventional employment.

Cold Ground TRT 22minutes – Iran – Ali Pour Issa – It depicts apocalypse concentrating on the last days of a family’s catastrophic life in a prevalent winter (nuclear winter) in Iran in 2012. The notions of void and terror are dominant in the film. (The nuclear catastrophe or winter is not specifically mentioned in the short film because of the hard political situation in Iran. However, its implications exist throughout the film like their imprisonment in their claustrophobic place.) Basically, the figures are indifferent in their hard circumstances and are not able to communicate with each other.

Shoot the Moon TRT 27minutes – USA CA – Alexander Gaeta – Marcy Meyers is down on her luck. Faced with piling bills, the remnants of a failed marriage, and now an imminent home foreclosure, she places all of her hope onto a national game show that promises a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win it all.

Mama Picchu 0:16:36 USA CO Ryan Van Duzer – Single mother of four Donna Jobert seeks her first adventure in 30 years. Heart issues and physical fitness are the obstacles standing between her and the summit of Machu Picchu. With two grown sons by her side, hers is a story of overcoming self doubt and recapturing a zest for life.

American Winter TRT 99minutes – USA CA – Joe and Harry Gantz – Social mobility in America is tough with no safety net

Loaded TRT 4minutes – USA CO – Bob Larue A magician has a bad day

Amidah TRT 39minutes – USA CO – Gene Bernofsky For the first time ever, combining archive footage with live interviews – the genocide of the American Indian is integrated with the Jewish Holocaust