Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival opens 2012 season

WSFF is chugging into a town near you!

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival (Filmmakers Interactive Local Meetups) is a series of screenings of independent movies, which may be of local interest, of interest to a particular group of people with a community or just for entertainment.

The miracles of technology have made it easy to make the WSFF program available to any community around the world if they have a way to view the content – on a computer monitor, stream online, a projector and screen.

Local organizers are asked to write a short narrative explaining the audience, the venue and a very basic outreach plan which can include word of mouth, email and phone trees, mailing, tradition media like newspapers and radio, social media such as facebook.

WCM provides movies and a small stipend to defray the event costs.  The local organizer provides the venue and brings in an audience.  It is preferred that the programs are offered free of charge, but donations may be gathered.

The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival is a means to integrate and converge the arts into communities and venues where movies aren’t normally shown and to provide new audiences for independent movies.

Local organizers can pick any location to screen the program – in a private home on a computer or television; in a church basement, at the local library, in the back room of a restaurant.