The 2012 Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival tentative schedule is in place. The program seeks other communities and community groups to participate in the WSFF. The program is dedicated to making independent film accessible to all and to engage communities to discuss them in the context of their local issues.

October 26 (Friday) – Encampment; Encampment High School – MacBeth – The Western – Student produced film using Shakespeare’s MacBeth, but with an updated back drop.

October 27-28 (Saturday – Sunday) – Downtown Saratoga and the Arts; Place TBA, Saratoga – “Gambling for the Future – about economic development on the Wind River Indian Reservation; Gasland – about oil drilling in the Red Desert

November 2 (Friday) – Cine y Sena; Don Rey’s Mexican Restaurant, Cheyenne – Symphony of Juliette and Pascal – not just a film about autism, but also about acceptance, sacrifice and love (Spanish language)

November 3 (Saturday) – Jews in Strange Places – Mt. Sinai Synagogue, Cheyenne – Shanghai Ghetto – about the Jewish community that grew in Shanghai China during the World War II Diaspora. Visas and Virtues – about the Japanese Counsel in Lithuania who, going against his superior’s orders, issued hundreds of visas to Jewish people fleeing Nazi Germany during WWII

November 7 (Wednesday) – Protecting Our Children – Place TBA – Rawlins –Your Neighbor’s Child – about the Wyoming juvenile justice system reform efforts. In Wyoming, a juvenile can accumulate a criminal record in adult courts for such minor offenses as smoking in school or skateboarding on a public sidewalk.

November 11 (Sunday) – Salute to Veterans – VFW Post 1881, Cheyenne – A Warm Wind – about a returning Iraq veteran learning to integrate back into his rural community; Ashley Waits – about a veteran’s wife coping with loneliness while awaiting the return of her husband

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